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  • Harrow disk Antares 6x4C (BDMP 6h4S)
Harrow disk Antares 6x4C (BDMP 6h4S)
  • Harrow disk Antares 6x4C (BDMP 6h4S)
  • Harrow disk Antares 6x4C (BDMP 6h4S)
  • Harrow disk Antares 6x4C (BDMP 6h4S)

Harrow disk Antares 6x4C (BDMP 6h4S)

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

AHTAPEC 6x4C - a harrow disk modular hook-on folding is intended for resource-saving preseeding and main processing of the soil under grain, commercial and forage crops, destructions of weeds and crushing of the crop residue remains after cleaning of sowing cultures, and also for crushing, alignment and consolidation of the soil after a disking.

The harrow disk is intended for use in pochvennoklimatichesky conditions with humidity of the soil to 40%, and also on fields with a large number of the crop residue remains.

Each disk of a harrow is established on an individual rack that allows a harrow to work at fields with a large number of the vegetable remains and weeds, excepting winding of the vegetable remains on an axis of a disk and clogging of interdisk space, and also provides high maintainability of the unit.

The design of the unit provides smooth adjustment of an angle of attack of each number of disks ranging from 0 ° to 30 ° that allows to adjust optimum a harrow for various types of the soil.


Model Measurement unit. Antares 6x4C
Unit type - hook-on
Productivity hectare/hour 2,8-5,3
Working speed km/h to 12
Transport speed km/h to 20
Capture width m 6
Processing depth mm 80-180
Angle of attack of disks hail 0... 30
Quantity of rows piece 4
The quantity of the cutting knots piece 60
Distance between ranks of disks mm 700
Diameter of workers of bodies mm 560
Distance between edges of disks mm 400
Overall dimensions in working situation mm 6630х6300х1530
Overall dimensions in transport situation mm 6630х3320х3500
Weight is constructional kg 4898
Tractor power (not less) h.p. 300
Soil Grebnistost, no more mm 50
Lumps of 0 in size... 25 mm, not less % 85-100
Cutting of weeds % 100
Crushing of the vegetable remains % 100


Cost included cost of delivery of the unit in economy, to assembly, training of your personnel, field commissioning and guarantee maintenance of the unit within 12 months from the date of field start.

Manufacturer:Червона Зирка
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Type:Disc harrow
Type of tooth/disc:Notched disc
Working width: 6 m
Information is up-to-date: 20.02.2018

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